Robin has written an appendix on 'Xenophon and Socrates' for the Landmark Xenophon: Anabasis, translated by David Thomas, and edited by Shane Brennan and Robert Strassler. The book is due to be published late in 2018.

The next translation will be of Diodorus of Sicily's Library of History, Books 16-20. As usual, this will be published by OUP in the Oxford World's Classics series, probably in 2019. 

Robin has written a chapter on 'Becoming a Leader in Fifth-century Athens' for the forthcoming Blackwell Companion to Leadership in the Ancient Mediterranean World, edited by Sarah Ferrario and Norman Sandridge. Publication is expected in 2019.

And then the next translation (after Diodorus) will be Books 36-40 of Cassius Dio, with John Rich providing the expertise.

The next history book will be A Time of Transition: Antigonus Gonatas and the Greeks. This will be published by the University of Chicago Press in the USA, and by Oxford University Press in the UK.

Robin has been commissioned by Basic Books in New York to translate, introduce and annotate Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. The Annotated Meditations will be published in 2021.

Robin has been asked to contribute a chapter to The Oxford Companion of Warfare in Asia, on 'The Effeminization of Asians by Classical Greeks'. The book will probably be published in 2020.