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The history of hypnosis is rich in strange and remarkable incidents: a captivating world populated by enthusiasts and sceptics, mystics and scientists, and studded with the unexpected. Hidden Depths looks into the origins, development and contemporary application of what remains a controversial practice, setting out to expose the truth behind the myths, and taking the reader on a mesmerizing journey through the untapped regions of the mind.


‘To say that this book is wide-ranging and exhaustive is no exaggeration, and yet the writer never loses his enthusiastic verve. Hidden Depths is a model of how to write about a complex and often technical subject in a way which does not confound the layman. I found the book charming and full of intriguing insights’ – Christopher Silvester, Daily Express

‘Notably sane and enthusiastic … very convincing … an important, timely and appropriately fascinating book’ - Phil Baker, Guardian

‘A highly readable, wide-ranging and informative account of a fascinating topic’ – Sarah Churchwell, Observer

‘Brings quirky characters and bizarre incidents to life … fascinating’ – Janet Christie, The Scotsman

‘Useful as a general introduction … contains much solid, and interesting, historical information’ – Anthony Daniels, Sunday Telegraph

‘Even-handed … meticulously researched … Waterfield has performed a commendable service in reminding a sceptical profession that hypnosis should not be dismissed out of hand’ – Raj Persaud, British Medical Journal

‘Vivid detail … Waterfield tells a remarkable tale’ – Sue Kinder, The Lancet

‘A joyful, witty exploration of the unexplored powers of the human mind’ – Psychology Today

Hidden Depths … masterfully encapsulates [the history of and literature on hypnosis] through a delightful work of reportage and successfully navigates the treacherous straits between acolyte sycophancy and dogmatic skepticism’ – Michael Shermer, Los Angeles Times


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