The photograph of Robin on this website was taken by David Stuttard

For information about travelling in Greece: Matt Barrett

For picture research: Josine Meijer

For historical cartography: Andras Bereznay

For organic olive oil: Morios 

Robin has joined

Robin at the 2013 Hay Literary Festival, on Why Socrates Died

Robin on the Encyclopedia Britannica blog: on Dividing the Spoils

Robin on OUP's blog: on Dividing the Spoils  

     on Plato's Republic

     on Taken at the Flood

     on the Republican Roman empire and the US empire

Robin on Brad Bogner's blog, on Dividing the Spoils

Robin on Greg Soden's 'Classical Ideas' podcast, talking about Why Socrates Died

Robin took the p. 99 test for Taken at the Flood

Here's a slide show on OUP's blog site for Taken at the Flood 

Here's Robin (and others) on BBC Radio 4 on the history of hypnosis