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This definitive biography traces the life of Kahlil Gibran, one of the world's most popular writers and author of the celebrated and hugely successful work, The Prophet.


‘An absorbing biography … critical, but well researched and cogently argued’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘Waterfield is ultimately compassionate, and this is the great strength of his biography’ – Karen Armstrong, Daily Telegraph

‘More than just a literary biography, the book contains a wealth of social history … By way of objective scholarship, combined with a compellingly accessible prose style, Waterfield presents a truthful, detailed account’ – Mike Bradley, The Times

‘Frank and authoritative’ – Philip Horne, Guardian

'No one should miss the opportunity to read this book' - Peter Ryan, middleeastwindow.com

‘Absorbing … no mere hatchet job … Waterfield’s exhaustive, scholarly study deftly uncovers the contradictions in Gibran’s life, while keeping his influence as a writer firmly in view’ – Mick Brown, Literary Review

‘No tabloid expose … an honest attempt to assess how a revered writer could live a life so seemingly at odds with his preachings … provocative and stimulating’ – Hugh MacDonald, Glasgow Herald

‘Has already created a storm among Gibran disciples’ – Martin Wroe, Observer

‘Fascinating’ – Val Hennessy, Daily Mail

‘A fascinating story, well told’ – Nicholas Bagnell, Sunday Telegraph

'A critical and balanced biography' - Shabbir Akhtar, Times Higher Education Supplement

'Keenly absorbing' - Ray Olson, Booklist


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